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Volume : 45 Issue : 1 Year : 2024

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Zeynep Kamil Medical Journal
Gebeli̇kte Anemi̇ni̇n Değerlendi̇ri̇lmesi̇nde Hemoglobi̇n Renk Skalasının Kullanımının Etkinliği [Zeynep Kamil Med J]
Zeynep Kamil Med J. 2014; 45(1): 35-40

Gebeli̇kte Anemi̇ni̇n Değerlendi̇ri̇lmesi̇nde Hemoglobi̇n Renk Skalasının Kullanımının Etkinliği

Zübeyde Ekşi1, Hediye Arslan Özkan2
1Marmara Üniversitesi Sağlık Bilimleri Fakültesi Hemşirelik Bölümü Doğum ve Kadın Hastalıkları Hemşireliği Bilim Dalı
2İstanbul Bilim Üniversitesi Florence Nightingale Hastanesi Hemşirelik Yüksekokulu

INTRODUCTION: This descriptive and prospective study has been conducted in order to determine the effectiveness of a screening test developed by the World Health Organization (WHO Haemoglobin Colour Scale) for the purpose of detecting anemia cases during pregnancy.
METHODS: The study group included 428 pregnant women who applied to Zeynep Kamil Gynecologic and Pediatric Diseases Education and Research Hospital, Outpatient Obstetrics Service for their pregnancy follow-up and found to have no risks associated with their pregnancies. In the study, obstetrical and demographical data of the patients were collected, followed by the determination of haemoglobin values using Haemoglobin Colour Scale (HCS). Haemoglobin values as measured by an automated device in the department were used as a reference.
RESULTS: Based on the findings of this study, the average age of the pregnant women in 28% of whom anemia (hb<11g/dl) was detected was 26.01±5.06 years. HCS was identified to have a sensitivity of 81.67%, selectivity of 92.8% and accuracy of 89.72% for the hb<11g/dl
level. In case of levels hb<10g/dl HCS sensitivity, selectivity and accuracy were determined as 69.05%, 95.8% and 95.52%, respectively.
DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION: As a result, we concluded that HCS is an easy-to-use and rapid method which may be applied by midwives, nurses and other health-care professionals during anemia screenings and house visits where there is a lack laboratory facilities.

Keywords: Haemoglobin Colour Scale, pregnancy, anemia, sensitivity, selectivity

Zübeyde Ekşi, Hediye Arslan Özkan. Gebeli̇kte Anemi̇ni̇n Değerlendi̇ri̇lmesi̇nde Hemoglobi̇n Renk Skalasının Kullanımının Etkinliği. Zeynep Kamil Med J. 2014; 45(1): 35-40

Corresponding Author: Zübeyde Ekşi, Türkiye
Manuscript Language: English
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